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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the use of music and specific music interventions to achieve non-musical goals.  Music Therapy is an evidence-based practice that uses the unique modality of music to address the cognitive, physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs of all individuals.  Music therapists use songs, instruments and various music therapy interventions to elicit response while supporting and encouraging positive growth and change. 


Our goal at Long Island Music Therapy Services, Inc., is to give our clients the best and most effective therapy experience possible.  For some, music can be a more conducive environment for self-expression and communication.

To learn more about Music Therapy, visit 

American Music Therapy Association  and the 

World Federation of Music Therapy

Benefits of Music Therapy

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Increased focus and attention

  • Increased socialization

  • Increased speech production and communication

  • Pain management

  • Better self- expression

  • Establishment of coping skills

  • Increased fine and gross motor skills

  • Increased cognition and memory skills

  • A non-threatening environment for one to explore and process emotions and feelings

  • Allows families and caregivers to connect on a more emotional and meaningful level

  • Promotes a better overall health and wellness

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